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What is a Surety Bond?

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Bonds are a way to ensure that a given individual or company will perform the tasks or actions that they say they will. It is a way to put your money on the line to prove that you will indeed do something you’ve said you will do. The agreement is between you and someone who wants a task accomplished, but it also involves the third party, the Surety Bond Company, who offers the financial guarantee in exchange for a fee. Making this contract is one of the ways you can be released from jail while awaiting trial rather than being detained until your court date; it is a bond that says you will indeed appear in court when you are supposed to do so.

How Do You Know if You Need a Surety Bond?

Bonds are needed when a judge sets your bail at a high amount for you or your family. When your bail (or the bail set for an important person in your life) is too high to pay outright, obtaining a surety bond is your best option for getting yourself or your loved out of jail until trial.

How Do You Obtain a Surety Bond?

Finding a Surety Bond company who can authorize your bond is the first step to obtaining a surety bond. However, you must ensure that you understand the kind of bond you are seeking as well as the regulations in your state and local jurisdiction. Given that there are thousands of kinds of surety bonds, you’ll want to understand what kind of guarantee will be valuable in your area and working with your particular clients. Once you have this information, your Surety Bond company can give you more information on fees and the structure of the contract for your bail bond.

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