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Bail Bond Costs and Paying for Bail

Curious what what bail bonds cost or how to pay for them?  We've compiled expert resources to help explain everything you need to know about the costs of bail bonds for you or a loved one.

Texas DUI Bail Bonds

Texas DWI Bail Bonds

By Admin | November 3, 2021

In Texas, being convicted of a DUI/DWI can result in fines, loss of your driver’s license, jail time, and even prison time for multiple or aggravated offenses. Depending on the county where the incident occurs, being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated can result in being released on a PR bond or up to a $50,000 […]

florida dui bail bonds

Florida DUI Bail Bonds

By Admin | November 3, 2021

DUI (driving under the influence) charges are considered a serious offense in Florida and can result in the suspension of your license, heavy fines, installation of an IID device, or even jail time. Depending on the county, being charged with multiple DUIs can significantly increase the bail amounts and even lead to immediate suspension of […]

California DUI Bail Bonds

By Admin | March 24, 2021

DUI charges in any state or county can bring heavy penalties or jail time, even for first-time offenses. A first-time DUI offense can result in little to no bail, being released on your own recognizance, or even probation in many states. California DUI laws, however, are much stricter than many other states. As of January […]

how to pay for a bail bond

How To Pay For A Bail Bond

By Admin | March 2, 2021

So you have a bill for a bail amount that you need to pay to get your family member, loved one or friend out of jail. How do you pay for it? You have two routes you can go from this point: hire a bail bondsman and pay the 10% fee and possibly put up […]

11 Highest Bail Amounts in US History

By David Liperote | October 9, 2020

Bail amounts are set based on the crime, criminal history of the defendant, history of showing up to prior court dates or bond jumping, flight risk, and more. The average bail amount ranges from as low as $500 for misdemeanors up to $50,000 or more for felonies. Murder charges can come with a bail cost […]

The Cost Of A $1 Million Dollar Bail Bond

By Admin | October 9, 2020

A $1 Million dollar bail bond is generally only seen in the most serious of criminal charges, but million dollar crimes are seen more frequently than you would think. So what does having a $1,000,000 bail actually mean? $1 Million Dollar Crimes When it comes to a $1 million dollar bail amount the most common […]

Average Bail Amounts by Crime

By David Liperote | July 23, 2020

Your first thought when a friend or loved one has a warrant out for their arrest is, “how do we get them out as soon as possible?” and that normally involves paying bail. Bail is money paid to the court to ensure that the person accused of the crime appears at their trial. It can […]

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