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How Long Are You Accountable for Each Type of Bond?

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When you or a loved one is booked and charged with a crime, you will also be given information about the bail schedule for your particular charge. This schedule is a state-based list of how much bail is required for different charges, but the judge also gets to make choices about whether to release a person without bail or to modify the bail arrangement in some way.

When paying bail with one of the many types of bonds, you’ll have a certain amount of time during which you remain accountable. In general, every bond remains in effect until your case is resolved after you’ve appeared in court as scheduled. However, for each type of bond, you may have additional requirements.

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  • Cash Bond: This fairly simple arrangement can resolve after the case has closed, with processing time for the return of the money. Payment is typically released between two and six weeks after the case concludes, but these processing times vary widely.
  • Secured Property Bond: With these bonds, it may take a little more time to remove the official lien on the property, and receiving the bond in the first place requires an evaluation of the property’s value and your equity in it. The accountability time frame may be similar, but the processing time before you are free and clear can be longer.
  • Surety Bond: If you work with a bail bondsman, they will be the one recovering the cash bond after it is concluded. However, until all your court proceedings resolve, they will be checking in with you and may require you to leave collateral with them to ensure that they will receive their payment back. There may be some time while the case is resolving that they retain your collateral even after your conditions are met.

With many types of bonds, the important time frame information is how long it takes to get out of jail. Are you in need of help getting out of jail on bail? Contact reputable bail bondsman on the Bail Agent Network to get the help you need.

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