If you have found yourself arrested in San Antonio, TX, whether you live there or not, you are going to need to find some local help. Cash bail amounts are generally not cheap. You need someone with experience in the court systems, who can financially back you in your time of need. Along with an attorney, you need a reputable bail bondsman to help you post bail and get out while awaiting trial.


A bail bond is equivalent to an insurance policy. While it does not directly affect the charges and/or an upcoming trial, a bail amount is based on the charges against the defendant, as well as his or her personal background. Those who have prior arrest records and/or have been found guilty of a crime will likely have a higher bond amount than those who are facing a first offense.

The bond is an agreement for pay to the court, should the defendant not follow the terms of bail set forth by the judge, or not appear for court. The bond is equivalent to the total bail amount. On the defendant's behalf, a bondsman will sign a bond with the court ensuring total bail will be paid, should the defendant fail to follow terms. Sometimes the bondsman will request collateral, such as a property bond, as security.


Being placed under arrest is a stressful time. A defendant may contact a San Antonio bondsman on his own or have someone else contact one for him, or her. Locating a licensed bondsman is not that difficult. Anyone listed on the Bail Agent Network is licensed and experienced. Once called, and note that most are available 24/7, the bondsman will arrange to meet with the defendant or the representative as soon as possible.

The bondsman will need to understand the alleged charges and bail amount set. When he agrees to represent the defendant, the bondsman will fill out a contract including the bail amount due, should the defendant does not follow the terms, the bondsman's fees, and other pertinent information. Either the defendant or representative will need to sign so the bondsman can get to work seeing the defendant is released in a timely matter.

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