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When someone is arrested for any reason, they generally are in need of a bail bond. A bail bond is a payment amount determined by a judge, used as an insurance policy that the accused, also known as the defendant, will abide by whatever rules the judge sets for him or her to follow if released from jail, and ensuring the defendant will appear for the trial date set. Many defendants cannot afford to post a cash bail amount themselves, and therefore, need to hire a bail bondsman.


A bail bondsman works with the courts every day and is very familiar with them. In particular, when arrested and jailed in Houston, TX, you want someone who works in Houston. Either the defendant or someone on his or her behalf may contact a local bondsman. The defendant, and often a co-signer, will need to come to an agreement with the terms of the bondsman.

Most bondsmen charge a fee of 10% to 15% of the bail set by the judge. For that, the bondsman will work on the defendant's behalf, getting him, or her, released from jail as soon as possible. The bondsman will need to know the defendant's full name and birth date. He will also need the information on the alleged crime, where and when it occurred, and the jail where the defendant is being held.


If you are reading this, you are on the Bail Agent Network website. All agents listed here are licensed, experienced, and reputable. Look for a bondsman who works in Houston, or we can refer one to you. Most bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Many bondsmen will accept payment arrangements of fees. When a larger bail bond is required, he may request a property bond or collateral for the bond. It is up to the defendant and the co-signer to assure that the defendant follows any rules of bail put forth by the judge and that he or she appears for court. If the defendant fails to comply, the full bail may be enforced and those who signed the agreement will be held responsible.

For anyone who has been arrested, it is necessary for them to have a good relationship with their bail bondsman. Hiring the right bondsman is key. If you, or a loved one, are placed arrested, whether innocent or guilty of a crime, you need a bondsman you can count on. Contact the Bail Agent Network and let us recommend a reliable Houston bondsman you can count on it your time of need.

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