Dallas-Fort Worth Bail Bond Help

When you or someone you know has been arrested, they most likely will be in need of a bond. That is something many of us are just not familiar with. Following an arrest, a defendant will appear before a judge who will set the bond amount based on the possible infraction and the defendant’s history of any prior crimes. Bail is set as a security that the defendant will follow the guidelines as prescribed by the judge and that the defendant will be present for trial.

Help With Bail

Bail can be very expensive. Depending upon the area a minimum bail could be around $500. Often, depending upon the accused crime and the defendant’s history, bail is set into the thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars, or more.

Most of us cannot afford that cash bail amount. The alternative is to hire a bail bondsman. When the defendant or a representative meets with the bondsman, he or she will be provided with information on how the bondsman can help, what is required, and what the payment options are. Depending upon the area, whether in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas or elsewhere, a bondsman will charge 10-15 percent of the bond as his fee. Payment arrangements can often be made for that fee. Sometimes collateral is required as in a property bond.

Once an agreement is signed, the bondsman will arrange with the court for the release of the defendant.

Is Bail Refundable?

If the defendant appears for court and has followed all rules of the judge prior to trial, and whether or not he or she is guilty, the bond will not need to be paid in full. However, the amount you have agreed upon with the bondsman as his fee is still required. But, if the defendant does not appear for court, or is rearrested prior to trial, the full bond may need to be paid.

When you are in need of a bond, contacting a bondsman through the Bail Agent Network assures you can rest easy as the bondsmen here are properly licensed, experienced and reliable. You will want to hire someone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, who is well-versed in laws governing the area.