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When someone is arrested, a bail bond is often needed in order for them to get released. A bail amount is set by a judge in which the defendant must sign an agreement that if he or she should fail to follow the restrictions set forth by the judge while released on bail, or should fail to appear for his or her trial date, the cash bail amount will be forfeited.

Either the defendant must come up with the bail amount in order to be released, or he or she will need to hire a bondsman for a bond.


A bail bond is what a bondsman offers a defendant in lieu of coming up with the entire cash amount. Bail amounts can be large, well into the thousands of dollars. In the agreement between the bondsman and the defendant, the bondsman will charge between 10 - 15% of the bond.

Sometimes a property bond or surety bond is needed and if so, he will discuss that with the defendant. For any type of bond, the bondsman will then sign a contract with the court ensuring the defendant will follow the rules and appear for trial.


The defendant will need to hire a reputable, licensed bondsman in order to receive a bond to post bail. The agents listed in the Bail Agent Network are just that. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, an Austin, Texas bondsman is available when you need him. He is also familiar with Texas laws, and the local Austin jurisdiction.

Once the defendant, or someone on his or her behalf, reaches an Austin bondsman, he or she can rest assured that help is on the way. When the contract is made between the defendant and the bondsman, he will get to work for the defendant right away getting him, or her, released from jail as soon as possible.

Remember that the defendant will need to pay the bondsman his fee whether he or she is found not guilty or guilty. He has provided a service for you either way by posting bond on your behalf and getting you released from jail. However, if you comply with the judge's orders and appear for trial, the bail agreement will have been met and there will be no bail payment needed.

When looking for a bondsman in the Austin area, you can feel comfortable with the agents listed in the Bail Agent Network. If you need assistance locating a bondsman, feel free to contact the Bail Agent Network and we will refer you to someone licensed in the Austin area.

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