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When bail is set high enough for you or your loved one to not be able to bail yourself out of jail, even with the help of friends and family, it can be helpful to pursue a bond with the help of a bondsman. For a non-refundable fee, a bail bondsman in Tampa will assist you by posting bail for you, assuming you comply with all required court appearances after that.

The Bail Bond Process

  • Arrest: When you are brought to jail to await trial, you'll be officially booked and charged with a crime. You'll also be told what bail is set for you (or your loved one, if you are researching a bond for someone else).
  • Speak with a Tampa Bail Bondsman to Determine Cost: You can contact more than one bondsman, but don't expect "discount" rates on bonds: there are Florida state minimums, both for the total cost and the percentage fee that can be charged.
  • If Necessary, Obtain Co-Signers or Collateral: When a bond is large enough to potentially lose money for the bondsman, he may require collateral or a co-signer. Collateral is something of value - real estate, bank accounts, cars, jewelry - that can be forfeit if you fail to appear in court or don't make your payments. Co-signers are others who can help you or your loved one by promising to get you to court or to pay your debts to the bondsman if you cannot pay them.
  • Fill Out Paperwork with the Bondsman: There is a variety of information your bondsman needs, from information about you and your arrest, including booking number and charges, to information about where your jail in Tampa is located and the amount of your bail. Pursue paperwork quickly in order to have a speedier release.
  • Appear as Necessary in Court: Know what your responsibilities are and follow them to the letter at this point.

Different bondsmen will offer slightly different terms, and some are willing to finance or create a payment plan for your bond. Look through the Tampa bail bondsman on the Bail Agent Network to find the best option for you or your loved one in this time of need.


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