Orlando, Florida Bail Bonds

There are a few things to know if you are interested in the assistance of a bail bondsman in Orlando. The first thing to know is what these services cost and what a commitment they are. For instance, if you post cash bail for your loved one or for yourself, you may receive a full refund once all court dates are met. However, when you are working with a bail bondsman, you pay a much lower upfront fee (in Florida, this is usually at least 6.5% of the total bail required) and the bondsman posts bail instead of you posting the whole amount.

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This still obligates you or your loved one to come to all court dates, since the bail bond company will most likely require regular check-ins, in person or by phone, as well as assurances that the court dates won't be a problem. The advantage is that, for a lower amount of money, you or your loved ones can leave pre-trial detention in jail and spend time at home.

Depending on what the situation is, a bail bond company may accept various items as collateral to ensure that you or your loved one will appear in court. This may include items like jewelry or your personal credit or bank accounts, or larger items like real estate or cars. As you start the process, gather the important information: the booking number and full name of yourself or your loved one awaiting trial, the total amount of the bail, and the jail in or near Orlando where the pre-trial detention is currently taking place. From there, a bail bondsman can help you understand the particular local statutes that apply.

Ready to get a bond or want to post bail in Orlando Florida? Use the Bail Agent Network to find a bail bondsman.

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