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Bail Bonds Miami

Many choose to look for a bail bondsman in Miami when a loved one (or yourself) is in jail and cannot post bail on his or her own. For a fee, a Miami bail bondsman can assist you by posting bail and allowing you to await trial while out of jail. You must, however, appear in court and obey any other rules set forth by the bail bondsman and the judge who sets your bail.

The Bail Bond Process

  • Arrest and Charges: When you are arrested, you'll be charged formally and, if a judge chooses to grant you the option of bail, your bail amount will be set.
  • Evaluate Costs of a Miami Bail Bondsman: You won't find a "discount" on bail bonds, however contacting more than one bail bondsman might help you understand your options, such as financing or payment plans.
  • Co-signers and Collateral: Most of the time, a Miami bondsman won't need these items, but if your bond is particularly large, you may need a co-signer who will verify that you will attend all court appearances and will pay any debts or missed payments you may incur. You also might be asked to offer collateral, which are valuable objects like jewelry or real estate, to secure your bond.
  • Give Information to the Bond Company: The bond company must draw up the bond before you can be released, so pass the information along quickly: they need your information, where you are being held, what your bail amount is, and things like your booking number and charges.
  • Follow Through with Court Appearances: You must obey any rules and all court appearances set forth by the judge or laid out in your bond agreement with the bail bond company.

Here in Miami, you may find that getting a bail bond is the right option for you. To find a bondsman quickly and compare your options, use the Bail Agent Network to reach out to the right person to help you leave jail to await trial.

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