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Bail Someone Out of Jail Jacksonville

If you are in a circumstance where you or a loved one in Jacksonville, Florida have been given the opportunity to be released from jail to await trial at home, you may not quite understand your options.

Fortunately, a few pieces of information are all you need to ensure that you can get started on the process:

  • Name and booking number of the person in jail.
  • Location and name of the jail where the person is being held.
  • Amount of the bail needed from the bondsman.

Once you have this information, you can contact a local bail bondsman through our convenient directory. Make sure that you do a little research: Florida has its own specific statutes saying that the fee will be at least 6.5% of the total bail required. You can avoid the fee if you have the cash to pay the entire bail amount, but if not, working with a bail bondsman can save you having to make that large, upfront payment.

You will not receive your fee back if you work with a bail bondsman, and it is important that the person awaiting trial in Jacksonville comply with the check-ins requested by the bail bondsman and by the court for trial. You should consider whether you or your loved one might not show up to his or her court date, because in this case, you can be liable for the entire amount of the bond, not just the fee. There can be grace periods if one court date is missed, but they aren't guaranteed. It is important to choose to post bail only when you are planning to show up for all court dates.

Need a bond here in Jacksonville? Want more information on the specifics of how to get one? Reach out through the Bail Agent Network directory to find a bail bondsman to help you get started.

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