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Most of us have no experience of being arrested or knowing what to do if that should happen. Contacting a bail bondsman, along with an attorney, should be the first matter in a line of defense. You can line up a bondsman even before seeing a judge. Once the accused, or defendant, sees the judge to learn of terms for his or her release, the bondsman will already be apprised of the situation and be able to set up bail quickly.


Many under arrested do not have funds to post cash bail, nor does their family. Bail can be expensive. A minimum for someone arrested on a first offense for a somewhat minor crime could see bail set as low as $500. But, it can be a whole lot higher!

A bondsman will sign an agreement with the court, like an insurance policy. He is ensuring that the defendant will follow the restrictions placed on him or her by the judge, and will also appear for trial. For taking that risk, the bondsman, depending upon what state and location, will generally charge 10 to 15% of the bond amount as a fee.


There is a wide array of bondsmen throughout Texas. Choosing an agent through the Bail Agents Network, you can assure that person is properly licensed, experienced, and dependable. Make sure you choose someone in the San Antonio area, where the defendant has been arrested and jailed. If you need help, feel free to contact the Bail Agents Network and we can refer you to someone.

The bondsman can speak directly with the defendant or someone close to him or her, to get the information and set up bail. He will need to know:

  • The complete name of the defendant
  • His or her date of birth
  • Any previous arrest records or criminal history
  • The location where the defendant was arrested
  • Where the defendant is being held, and what he or she is being charged with
  • The amount of bail, if it has been set

The bondsman may request a family member or close friend to co-sign on the bond agreement. This helps to ensure the bondsman gets paid for his service and repaid should the bond become necessary. For higher amounts, he may also require a property bond.

If the defendant does not appear for trial or breaks the agreement made with the judge, such as getting in contact with a co-defendant in the case when agreed not to, then the bond may be forfeited. At that point, the bondsman will seek out the defendant and have a right to reimbursement from whoever signed for the bond agreement.

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