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Most of us don't give bail bonds or bondsmen a lot of thought. The fact is, if the need doesn't arise, we don't spend a lot of time thinking about how the process works. But, one day we may find ourselves, or someone close to us, arrested and now we not only need to know how it works, but also who we can depend upon to help us!


When someone is arrested they are placed in jail. No doubt, they will want to get out quickly. Generally, the accused, or defendant, will see a judge for a bail hearing rather quickly. Depending upon whether this was the first arrest and depending upon the alleged crime, the judge will set a cash bail amount. The lowest amount is around $500, but it can definitely exceed that well into thousands of dollars.

The judge also sets parameters for release and prior to trial. For example, the defendant may be required to stay within Texas, or perhaps even Houston. Also, the defendant may be limited as to whom he or she may be in contact, being ordered to stay away from the alleged victim. Once, the defendant learns the conditions and bail amount, he, or she should contact a reputable bail bondsman.


A bail bondsman can sign a bail bond agreement with the court for any defendant he has a contract with. The bondsman works for the defendant with the bond acting as an insurance policy for the court. Ultimately it is up to the defendant to follow the bail rules and to appear for trial, but the bondsman is backup.

For helping the defendant get a bail bond and aiding in the release from jail, the bondsman will charge a fee based on the bail amount. That is his pay. If the conditions of bail are met, and the defendant appears for trial, the full bail should not be needed. If the conditions are broken, the bond may need to be paid in full.

There are a lot of good bail bondsmen in Houston. The agents listed on the Bail Agent Network are licensed within the state of Texas. They are reputable and reliable. If you need help in finding a good bondsman, feel free to contact the Bail Agent Network directly. We will refer to one of the experienced professionals from our network.

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