If you find yourself in a predicament and have been placed under arrest, there is help available. Most of us cannot afford to pay more than a nominal cash bail amount upfront. This is where a bond and bondsman comes in, and there are some really good bail bondsman in El Paso, Texas.


Bail bondsmen in El Paso should be familiar with the judicial system in Texas, and the people who work in the El Paso community. When you hire a bondsman, he is contracted to work for you. Either the defendant or someone on the defendant's behalf, can contact and hire the bondsman. His fee will be based on the amount of bail set by the court. This generally runs around 10 to 15%.

Depending upon the bail amount and whether the defendant has any criminal history, the bondsman may ask for a property bond which includes collateral to pay the full amount of the bond, if that should become necessary. Once hired, the bondsman will immediately contact the court to get you released from jail until your trial date.


Once the defendant is released from jail, you may go on with your daily life of work and family. The defendant must abide by any restrictions set forth by the court such as not leaving the city or state, or not contacting fellow defendants or the subjects of the alleged crime. The defendant must also appear at court on the trial date. If any of those agreements are broken, the full bail amount may be required.

While the bondsman is responsible to the court, you are responsible to the bondsman. If all regulations are followed, the bond may not be needed. However, the defendant and/or co-signer for the bondsman still must pay his fee. That is his work and how he earns a living.

No matter what the reasoning being arrested for an alleged crime is a trying time for the defendant. If you find yourself in this situation, the first calls you should make are to a reputable bondsman and a reliable attorney. Check out the listings on the Bail Agents Network to find help. If you would like a referral for a bondsman in the El Paso area, give the Bail Agents Network a call. We will refer a licensed, experienced bondsman to you.

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