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Many of us don't think that anyone we know would ever be arrested or in need of a bail bondsman. But it can happen and when someone is arrested, innocent or guilty, some type of bond is generally needed to get out of jail. With minor infractions and no criminal record, someone may get released on their own recognizance until trial. But, generally, there is a bail of a minimum of $500, or a whole lot more.


After an arrest, the defendant will appear before a judge. The judge will review the accounting of the arrest and any criminal history of the defendant. The judge will then come up with a set of rules in which the defendant must follow if released, and a bail amount.

With bail often set into thousands of dollars, many do not have access to pay for cash bail. That is when a bail bond becomes necessary. An El Paso bail bondsman will work as an intermediary between the defendant and the court. He will arrange bail for the defendant to be released. In exchange, he will charge a fee of between 10 - 15% of the bail amount. Some bondsmen may offer a payment plan for this fee payment. But depending upon the amount, he may require a property bond or surety bond.


A bondsman, along with an attorney, are critical to any defense. You need an El Paso bondsman who is reliable and caring. The bondsmen found on the Bail Agent Network are licensed and experienced. You can trust them to work with you honestly and respectfully.

If you need help in choosing a bondsman, feel free to contact the Bail Agent Network and we can recommend someone for you in the El Paso area. It is important to have someone with experience in the Texas judicial system and familiar with El Paso.

The bail bondsman is key to getting your life back to normal during the period between your arrest and trial. The defendant must follow the bail agreement and appear for their trial. Otherwise, he or she, along with any co-signer for the bond, may be at risk for paying the full bail amount.

Being arrested is a trying time for anyone. A bail bondsman from the Bail Agent Network can help the defendant through this difficult time.

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