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Dallas-Fort Worth Bail Bonds

Being arrested, well it isn't pleasant for the individual, their family or friends. Truth is, there are few of us who haven't had someone close to us have it happen. And, whether the individual is innocent or guilty, this is a difficult time. A bail bondsman can help.

Hiring a Bail Bondsman

No matter what someone is arrested for, they will see a judge fairly quickly who will have a look at the charges and the defendant's history. The lesser the crime and the cleaner the history, the lower the bail will be. Sometimes on a first offense and a minor crime, a defendant will be released on his or her recognizance. But generally, there is a bail set, and most of the time that is a higher amount than the defendant can outlay.

That's where a Dallas-Fort Worth bail bondsman comes in. Whether the defendant is seeking help, or someone is on their behalf, contacting a bondsman from the Bail Bonds Network is the best choice. Anyone listed here has experience and expertise, and you will find someone who works in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and familiar with the Texas legal system.

Bond Payment

Once the judge has set a bond amount, you can move forward with a bondsman. He or she will contact the court, and arrange for the defendant's release. A bondsman will take the time to understand the defendant and the charges, and will work with and for him or her.

Sometimes a family member, or friend, maybe requested to co-sign for a bond, especially if the defendant has any criminal history. This assures the bondsman will receive payment for service and that the bond will be paid in full amount should that become necessary. Many bondsmen will work with you regarding payment often allowing a payment schedule in which fees can be paid off.

The defendant must follow any release guidelines the judge sets and must appear for trial on the date set. Failure to do so could mean he or she is responsible for the full payment of the bond.

If you are in need of cash bail, a property bond, or a surety bond, give the Bail Bonds Network a call to find the best bondsman in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When calling in make sure you have the pertinent information of the charges, where the defendant was arrested and where being held, any criminal history, and the bail amount along with the birth date and full name of the defendant. Your bondsman will take care of the rest, assuring the quickest release possible.

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