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While most of us don't expect it, there may come a time when a loved one is arrested. This is a difficult time, but there is reliable, honest help available. There is no shame in calling upon a reputable bondsman to help get and keep one out of jail until it is time for their trial. A bondsman can assist financially, but also through their experience have the know-how to deal with the legal system, swiftly and securely.


When someone is arrested, they will have a hearing in which a judge will evaluate the case as well as the history of the person under arrest. If this is the first time the defendant has been under arrest, chances are, depending upon the charges, bail will be fairly low. The bail amount goes up for multiple offenses and/or a history of not appearing before the court for trial. The quicker the bail is attended to, the quicker the defendant will be released until trial.

To assure accuracy and timeliness be able to supply the bondsman:

  • Full name of the defendant
  • Date of birth of the defendant
  • Where the defendant was arrested
  • What the defendant is charged with
  • The total bail amount
  • Any criminal history and past arrest records


Contacting a bondsman for bail bonds in Austin, TX through the Bail Agent Network assures you of someone reputable and with experience. It doesn't matter whether the person who has been arrested or a family member calls on their behalf. Often a family member will need to cosign for a bond as a backup to assure the defendant will meet the obligations of their bail.

Most bondsmen have a variety of payment arrangements, financing, and ways to pay to cover their fees, and, if it becomes necessary, for the full amount of the bond. Remember, a bond is not part of the arrest charges but rather assures that the defendant will comply with the judge's mandates. Many bondsmen accept credit card payments as well as cash.

Most bondsmen listed on the Bail Agent Network are available 24-hours, seven-days-a-week. They realize every defendant is a human being, and you can be sure, you will be treated with care and respect. Whether you are in need of cash bail or require a property bond in Austin, TX, one of the bondsmen listed with the Bail Agent Network is sure to help. Feel comfortable giving one a call.

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