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With over 20 years of experience in the bail bonds industry, Bail Agent Network provides easy access to all the necessary local resources needed to locate the best professional help in the state of Texas when it comes to bail bonds. Having a qualified bail bond agent or bondsman by your side is a vital step toward peace of mind while you are going through an otherwise difficult legal time. Let us help you find the right bondsmen services for your needs in a matter of minutes.

How do bail bonds work in Texas?

When you are arrested for a crime in Texas, a judge will determine whether or not you are eligible for bail. If you are, you can pay a fee that is basically insurance that you will show up for your court date and attend your trial. Posting bail can be very costly, sometimes in the thousands of dollars, and if you can't pay the fee out of pocket, you will need to hire a bail bondsman. He will submit a guarantee (the bail bond) to the court on your behalf, but you will only need to pay him 7-10% of the bail amount. 

For example, if you or a loved one had bail set at $20,000, a bail agent would only require $2,000 to secure your release. You may have to pledge collateral with the bail bond agent that they will use to collect the full bail amount if you do not appear in court. Once the bail bond company has secured collateral and your 10% fee, you can be released from the county jail until your next court date.

How much is bail in the state of Texas?

Texas Bail Schedules, or bail amounts, are set at the county level during your bail hearing. Bail for the same offense could be different in Dallas than in Houston or Fort Worth. The amount of the bond is set based on the offense (type/class of felony or misdemeanor), criminal history, and court attendance record of the defendant. If you or your loved one has been accused of a crime previously and didn't attend their court date, they are a flight risk, and their bail amount will be higher, and the bail bond company will need a higher fee to ensure their release.

What types of bail bonds are available in Texas?

There are a few types of bail bonds that a bail bond company may offer you in the state of Texas. Rather than paying the full bail amount, you may be able to use one of the following kinds of bail bonds to ensure your release from jail while you wait for your court date. 

Cash Bonds or Surety Bonds

When you think of how bail bonds normally work, you are probably thinking of a cash bond or a surety bond. This is the type of bond where you pay a bail bond company 10% of the total bail fee in order for them to take on the liability with the court for the full amount. In some cases, additional collateral may be required as well. 

Property Bond

Property bonds are available for people who cannot pay the full amount of bail and are not working with a bail bond agent to secure a cash bond. In this case, your collateral for your bond is real estate that you own. However, they take a lot longer to secure than a cash bond and often require that your property is valued at 150% of the bail amount needed. 

PR Bond

A PR Bond (or personal recognizance bond) occurs when the court determines that based on your past criminal record that you do not require a cash bond and can be released on your own recognizance. You will still be monitored during the period where you are released and waiting for your court date. 

Attorney Bond

If an attorney determines that you are not a flight risk and thinks you will attend your court date, you might be able to get an attorney bond. In this case, you do not need to go through a bail bond company, as the attorney is taking on the liability rather than a third party. However, you must already have an attorney who is willing to represent you before this is an option for you.

If you need to post bail to be released from a county jail prior to your court appearance, make sure to research the different types of bonds available for your criminal charges, the amount of the bail, and contact legal representation if necessary.


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