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Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers

When detectives show up at your home to conduct a search or pull you over and request that you perform standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), you need to know your legal rights. Even if you have not been arrested, legal advice from seasoned Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers can help you defend your rights and future. The decision to retain an attorney when an investigation is pending before formal charges have been filed can result in a far better disposition.

The Importance of Speaking With A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have representation at the pre-charge stage of a criminal case, your attorneys can expose weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, questions about the admissibility of evidence, and a paucity of evidence to prove specific charges. Effective negotiation based on these strategies can lead to a decision not to file charges, an agreement to diversion, or fewer and/or less serious charges. Since the initial charges usually set the parameters for a plea agreement in the case, success in influencing the initial charging decision usually will mean the parameters for a plea agreement will be set at a lower level.

Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal charges can threaten your job, family stability, liberty, reputation, and financial well-being, but our Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys provide aggressive opposition to the full range of criminal offenses.