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Bail Bonds for DWIs

The biggest question on your mind if a close friend or family member has been arrested for driving while intoxicated probably is, “How can I get them out of jail?” While each DWI case is different, you may well likely will have to help them post bail. The term “bail” refers to a sum of …

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What is a Property Bond?

There are actually a variety of bonds that can be issued when you or your loved one wishes to leave pre-trial detention in jail. One example is a property bond: this is different from a standard cash bail bond, which requires no collateral, just the amount of money that is stated by the judge. A …

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What is a Surety Bond?

Bonds are a way to ensure that a given individual or company will perform the tasks or actions that they say they will. It is a way to put your money on the line to prove that you will indeed do something you’ve said you will do. The agreement is between you and someone who …

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What is a Cash Bond?

There are a few different kinds of bonds you can be issued in order to bail out of jail. One of the common types is a Cash Bond, which is simply a standard bond but instead of being secured by collateral, the person posting the bond pays only cash. Collateral is typically something else of …

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Bail Bondsman vs. Bail Agent?

While both bail bondsmen and bail agents work in close proximity with individuals who have been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial, their jobs are slightly different. Read on to get to know what each job entails and why you might need the services of a bail bondsman or a bail agent. In the …

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