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What is Bail Reinstatement?

What Circumstances Revoke Your Bail? When you or your loved one bailed out of jail, there were conditions for the release. The circumstances that revoke your bail are the same conditions from this agreement: you were expected to appear in court, for example, and you failed to show up. Other possibilities would be that you …

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What Happens When Bail is Revoked?

Whenever a person is released on bail, there are release conditions; these conditions usually include who they can contact related to the case, when they need to appear in court, and any other conditions set by the judge. If the defendant violates these conditions, bail can be revoked, meaning that the person can be taken …

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Bail Bondsman vs. Bail Agent?

While both bail bondsmen and bail agents work in close proximity with individuals who have been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial, their jobs are slightly different. Read on to get to know what each job entails and why you might need the services of a bail bondsman or a bail agent. In the …

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