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Bias against Black people found in Colorado bail reform tool

By Admin | August 20, 2020

On Oct. 8, 2018, Samuel Bouknight was arrested on Colfax Avenue and booked into the Denver city jail […]

Michigan criminal justice reform effort gains wider bipartisan support

By Admin | August 16, 2020

Michigan officials appear to be gaining momentum on making serious jail reform with the introduction of bipartisan legislation […]

Cash bail is unpopular. But the replacements are not necessarily better

By Admin | July 21, 2020

It might have been the most polite bank robbery in New York’s history. At half past five in the […]

Now, Gov. Cuomo, reverse N.Y.’s bail reform rollback

By Admin | June 21, 2020

Last week, the Legislature passed groundbreaking laws to advance police accountability. Following years of demands by communities of […]

Coronavirus-era ban on bail for nonviolent cases will end June 20

By Admin | June 11, 2020

Criminal defendants accused of nonviolent crimes will be required to post bail in many California counties later this […]

Bail reform laws let alleged criminals back on the streets within hours, threatening public security

By Admin | June 7, 2020

Hundreds of looters and rioters arrested by the New York Police Department over the past several days have been immediately released due […]

Should Governors Commute Sentences of Felons Due to COVID-19?

By David Liperote | May 13, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has raised many questions on how to slow or stop a pandemic that is […]

Federal Judge Says no to Get out of Jail Free Policies due to COVID-19

By David Liperote | May 13, 2020

Many see the COVID-19 pandemic as having the potential to wreak considerable havoc on American prisons and jails. […]

New York’s Bail Reform Debate

By David Liperote | April 10, 2020

With widely varying interpretations of the same issues affected by individual perspectives on pertinent issues such as how […]

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