Tampa, Florida Bail Bonds

Tampa Bail Bonds

So you are in a situation like this: you or a loved one is in custody, awaiting trial, and the judge has determined hat bail will be set at a certain amount. You could choose to pay the whole amount, or you could enlist the assistance of a bail bondsman to make the upfront costs lower.

Your bail bond will vary depending on location, so make sure you know about Tampa's and Florida's rules for bail bonds. For instance, Florida bail bonds aren't set lower than 6.5%, so if you are offered a discount lower than that, make sure you are working with a licensed, legitimate bail bondsman. Our Bail Agent Network can be very helpful on this front.

Your bail bondsman helps you out by charging that fee, a small percentage of the total bail, and posting bail for you. In exchange, they expect you to show up for all court dates (or that you'll put up some collateral showing that you believe your loved one will show up for court dates). The consequences of not showing up for court dates can be costly, so this is an important fact to ensure.

If you or your loved one is arrested again, the process grows more costly and more complicated, so make sure you post bail when you are quite confident that the defendant will be found not guilty and will show up to court dates. You also want to make sure you understand every piece of information your bondsman needs: they'll want name and booking number of the person in custody, the location and name of the Tampa jail or holding facility, and the amount of bail required.

Need a bail bond now? Ready to get yourself or a loved one out of custody? Contact the Bail Agent Network for a Tampa bail bond today!

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