St. Petersburg Bail Bonds

Bailing Someone Out Of Jail St. Petersburg

There are some simple things to gather when you are preparing to get a bond in St. Petersburg, Florida. For instance, you should consider what collateral might be available to use to secure the bond (real estate, a car, jewelry, or stocks/bonds/accounts in the bank). Then you should make sure you have the booking number and name of you or your loved one who needs pre-trial release from jail. Finally, you'll want to know the terms: what is the total bail amount required and the name of the St. Petersburg jail where you or your loved one is being held.

Then, you should understand the agreement you are entering when you contract with a bail bond company. Rather than having to pay the entire bail amount and possibly receiving a full refund, you will pay a small upfront fee (in Florida, the rule is that 6.5% is the minimum for bail bonds) and the bondsman will post bail for you. You don't get the fee back, but you do get the pretrial release of you or your loved one.

The key, of course, is that your bail bondsman wants you or your loved one to show up for all future court dates; getting the bond company their money back is only possible if the trial is satisfactorily resolved. Therefore, your bail bondsman may want to check-in with the individual, either through the phone or through in-person check-ins. To ensure you are able to stay out of jail on bond make sure you or your loved one has a way to make those court dates.

We are here to help you understand the bail, and bond process, as well as helping you find the right bondsman. Use the Bail Agent Network to find your local St. Petersburg bail bond companies.

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