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Bail Bonds St. Petersburg

If you are charged with a crime, they may be required to post bail in order to leave jail until trial. Whether it is yourself or a loved one, you may find that bail is too high to pay on your own, requiring you to seek a bail bond. A bail bondsman can provide the money for your required bail amount in exchange for a fee, usually, a percentage of the total bail required. This creates a contract that states you or your loved one who received bond, must appear in court and comply with all court orders.

The Bail Bond Process

  • The Arrest Itself: When you are taken into custody, you will be given a formal charge and, if the judge so chooses, your bail amount will be set.
  • Contact a Bail Bondsman for Prices: You can learn more about the current Florida fees by contacting a bail bondsman, however, there are state minimum rates.  You may choose which bondsman you would like to work with based on terms, like whether or not they offer a payment plan or financing for your bond.
  • Ways to Secure Your Bond: For large bonds, you may choose to secure it with collateral, like a piece of property or valuable jewelry, which will be forfeited if you refuse to pay at some point in the future for required fees. Co-signers can also be helpful if you don't have a demonstrated ability to pay. They vouch for you and agree to take on your debts should you not be able to pay your bondsman as required.
  • Share Information With Bond Company: A St. Petersburg bail bond company will be able to process your bond faster if you get them all the information they need quickly: pay careful attention to your bail amount, booking number, and charges so that you can relay this information.
  • Do As You've Promised: Being released on bail or bond always has requirements, like showing up in court. Comply with all of these requirements and any further requirements that the bail bondsman has created.

With the Bail Agent Network, you can find multiple bail bond companies in St. Petersburg faster than ever. We're here to get you the help you need while understanding the terms of your bond and allow you to get home quickly.

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