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Bail Bonds in Orlando, Florida

Bail Bond Services Orlando

Bail bonds are an important option when you or a loved one is being held in jail after a criminal charge. Getting a bail bond can allow you to leave jail even if the bail is set too high to pay yourself. Your contract works out that, in exchange for a non-refundable fee, your bail bondsman will post bail and, as part of the contract, you'll appear at any required court dates.

The Bail Bond Process

Arrest: This is when you or your friend/family member are booked, charged with a crime, and bail is set at a particular amount.

Speak with Bail Bondsman about the Fee: The fees are set at standard rates, usually a minimum flat fee in Florida and a percentage fee above that, no less than 6.5% of the total bail.

Handle Co-signers or Collateral: For particularly large bonds, the bail bondsman may want a co-signer. This is another person who will work to make sure all court appearances happen as they need to as well as another person to be responsible for any missing fees or payments down the road. Collateral also may be used to secure very large bonds, such as real estate, cars, jewelry, or bank accounts.

Share Information with Bail Bondsman: To fill out the paperwork, your bondsman in Orlando will need to know where you are being held, your booking number, information like your date of birth, as well as the charges against you and the amount of bail. Different jails release individuals in different amounts of time, even here in Orlando, so the faster you give information to your bondsman, the faster you get to leave jail.

Show Up for All Required Court Dates: This is an important final step in order to satisfactorily complete the bond requirements.

There are options for financing or creating a payment plan, depending on the bail bondsman you go with; it's valuable to take even just a few minutes to compare bondsman in Orlando using our Bail Agent Network. Find bondsmen quickly in our directory and get the help you need.

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