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Are you trying to understand bail while you or a loved one is awaiting trial? Here is some information to help you navigate your choices. Usually, a judge can decide to either not offer bail (if they believe you or your loved one will not show up for court), or they can offer bail options at an amount determined by the court.

When the cost is low enough, you may choose to post bail in full, knowing that you can receive a full refund upon successful completion of the trial (with a "not guilty" verdict) or dismissal of the case. In the case of a larger required bail, you may decide to pay a bail bondsman a fee and use collateral to secure a bond for you or your loved one's release.

When you begin the process of securing a bond, make sure you have the full name of the person in custody, the booking number, the location and name of the jail, and the amount of the bail. This will help you get an accurate fee estimate from the Miami Florida bail bondsman you contact. You can locate a variety of agents via our Bail Agent Network.

You'll discuss the state and local regulations on bail with your bondsman, including the fact that you shouldn't be able to receive a discounted fee by law to less than 6.5% in Florida. You can compare terms, and choose the bondsman you want to work with.

Once you choose to post a bail bond, you want to make sure that you or your loved one appears in court as scheduled. While the fee is non-refundable, you want to ensure that, at the conclusion of the trial, the bond is finished and free and clear. If you or your loved one may not appear at all scheduled court dates, think about the consequences and the potential of bond being revoked and the recovery efforts on the part of the bond agent.

Need a bail bond? Want to learn more about how to get a bail bond in Miami, Florida? Reach out via the Bail Agent Network.

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