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In Jacksonville, it can be overwhelming to be charged with a crime and have bail set too high for you or your family to pay. Luckily, the bail bond process is available to help. A bail bondsman will charge you a non-refundable fee and in exchange will post bail for you so you can await trial outside of jail. However, you must keep up your end of the bargain.

The Bail Bond Process

  • Booking: When you are arrested, you'll be made aware of your charges as well as the amount of bail necessary to get you out of jail.
  • Compare Bail Bondsman Prices and Terms: You may want to contact more than one Jacksonville bondsman to determine if some financing or payment plans are available. While there are no "discount" bail bonds that are legal in this regulated industry for Florida, each bondsman may have slightly different terms or requirements for the bond.
  • Term Differences: For instance, if your bondsman requires a co-signer for your bond, you'll need to find someone who can vouch for the fact that you will appear in court, to the point where they would be willing to pay missing payments or debt for you if you can not. Your bond company may also ask for collateral for large bonds: this means real estate, cars, jewelry or bank accounts that can be confiscated if you or your loved one fails to pay the required fees.
  • Fill Out The Paperwork: Usually, the bond company will complete the paperwork for you, but you'll have to give them information, including your demographics like your date of birth; the details of your case like your charges, bail amount, and booking number; and other information as needed.
  • Show Up in Court: You'll need to come to court as you have been scheduled, as well as obeying other check-in requirements from the judge or your bail bondsman.

Jacksonville bail bondsmen are available to help you navigate this process, and you can find the right bail bond company using the Bail Agent Network.

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