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Texas Bail Bonds

Bail is an amount of money that is used to secure a person’s promise to attend their court hearings and follow up on all aspects of their legal process even if they are released from jail. Texas bail bonds are designed for people who would like to get out of jail shortly after an arrest, but don’t have (or want to provide) all of the bail money themselves. Securing bail or bail bonds can be a stressful process for some, but it’s a lot simpler than you might think.

In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about Texas bail bonds, including how bail works, what Texas based bail bonds companies do, and so much more.

The Bail Hearing

Most bail amounts are assigned by the court at the bail hearing. The bail amounts are based on a predetermined bail or bond schedule. These preset amounts are only guidelines – they can be increased or decreased by the court depending on the specific circumstances of each case. The bail hearing will take place within 24-48 hours of arrest, at which time the bail amount will be set by the judge. You should have a criminal defense attorney attend this hearing with you for the best outcome. Both your attorney and the prosecution can attempt to argue for higher or lower bail than the bail schedule suggests, based on various factors.

Most bail hearings only last a few minutes, but they can be the key to helping people get out of jail pending trial. Once the bail amount has been set, people have two options. They can pay the bail set by the courts, or they can contact a reputable Texas bail bonds provider.

A bail bond sureties company in Texas will come in and review your bail amount and conditions of release, determine a bail bond fee (usually 10-15% of the full bail amount), and advise you whether you must provide them with collateral to cover the bond. The non-refundable bail bond fee can be paid in cash, and bond collateral could be something like a motor vehicle or a house that is a non-liquid asset. Once you’ve paid the bail bond fee the bail bond company posts your bond and you will be released from jail.

Only if the defendant fails to appear does the bail bondsman have to pay. Otherwise, the defendant pays the fee to the bail bond company, makes all their court appearances, and then the bond is considered satisfied. No money is exchanged between the bail companies and the courts—the bail bonds is only a promise that the bail company will be held accountable for the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear or tries to flee.

Contacting a Texas Bail Bonds Company

If you cannot pay the bail set by the court, but you do not want yourself or your family member to sit in jail awaiting trial, you’ll want to contact a Texas bond and surety company that can provide their assistance in bailing you out of jail. Our team knows that no amount of money should keep you locked in jail for a minor offense (especially if you’re innocent). A reputable bail bond company can help you with a personal bond plan that fits your needs, no matter what you think you can afford. The bail bonds agent will go over the bond schedule with you, help you consider variables, and give you a step-by-step explanation of the bail process and what comes after it so that you are fully informed about what you’re about to go through.

Our directory of Texas bail bonds professionals know how to help clients facing all kinds of issues throughout the state of Texas, including everything from minor crimes to serious incidents with $100,000 or more in bail set to be paid before the defendant can be released. The agents in our directory can help you explore your options and make sure you or your loved one get out of jail sooner. 

Who Regulates Bail Bonds?

In the state of Texas, the bail bond board monitors and regulates all bail bondsmen and bail bonds agencies. The board makes sure that laws and best practices of the bail process are followed, and they require bondsmen and bond agencies to operate their bond and surety business reputedly and professionally. Each bail bonding company is held to a set of standards to ensure that clients aren’t taken advantage of, giving everyone peace of mind that the Texas bail bonds companies are trustworthy.

The bail bond board can approve or deny operations and business licenses for bond agents. Make sure you look for licensed, reputable agents and agencies that can deliver a seamless bond process. Reputable agents or agencies will make the process less stressful and will get you out of jail quickly. You can get more information from the state of Texas regarding the bail bonds process and what to expect.

The Bottom Line

Most arrestees qualify for bail, but many people can’t pay, even if they’re only expected to pay a fraction. With the assistance of Texas bail bonds companies, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to get out of jail without having to pay more than a small fee to the bond company. It helps to understand the process and educate yourself so that you know what to expect. Understanding the process and selecting the right bail bondsman can make all the difference in how you handle your legal matters in the state of Texas.

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