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What’s the Difference Between an Immigration Bond and a Normal Bail Bond?

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There are elements of a criminal bail bond that are similar to immigration bail bonds. After all, there are still three parties, a bail bondsman who provides the bond, an individual being released on bond, and a government entity setting the bond amount at a certain level. However, there are a variety of other factors that are different between these two kinds of bonds.

Key Differences Between Normal Bail Bonds and Immigration Bail Bonds

  • Immigration bonds aren’t usually for those committing a crime; they are for those who have been detained under the suspicion that they are in the United States illegally. In cases where a person is accused of a crime and is accused of being in the country illegally, bond is rarely allowed, and the person usually remains detained.
  • ICE can choose who will receive the opportunity to post a bond when they are being detained; while this is also true of normal bail bonds, there are fewer circumstances in which ICE will allow for the posting of a bond.
  • Payment methods may be more restricted when obtaining an immigration bond, such as only using a cashier’s check or money order.
  • Because immigration bonds are high-risk, they require a special license and so you need to talk to a bail bondsman with the special immigration bond license in order to obtain one. Speak with them about whether your case particulars make you or your loved one a good candidate for one of these bonds, since not every bondsman will be willing to take every risk.
  • The high-risk factor comes in for bondsmen when it seems likely that the individual will be denied residency and the bond will be forfeit when the individual is deported. If you or a loved one is denied the opportunity for an immigration bond, you can appeal to a judge, though this doesn’t guarantee that you will receive a bond.

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