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What Will a Bondsman Need from You for Each Type of Bond?

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Whether you are needing to post bail for yourself, a family member, or a friend, you may find you need to work with a bondsman. To apply to qualify for bail bondsman’s assistance, you will need to be prepared to provide a variety of information.

There are different types of bonds available including a property bond, cash bond, surety bond, and an immigration bond. The information for each may vary some, but in all instances, you will need to provide some basic information.

  • The full name, address, and phone number of the person needing bail, and of the person arranging for the bail bond.
  • The birth date, a copy of the driver’s license or photo ID, and social security number of each individual involved.
  • The arrest information and jail information of where the accused is being held, along with the inmate reference number.
  • Employment information and proof of employment for each of you.

Cash Bail Bond

Paying a cash bail bond means whoever is providing bail will pay the full amount in cash. This generally applies in lower bond cases when a bondsman’s assistance is not necessary. In some jurisdictions, the court may even accept a check, or a credit card or payment of a cash bail bond.

Property Bond, or Collateral Bond

As it implies, the court may accept a lien on one or more of the defendant’s personal belongings. This may include, but is not limited to, a vehicle, house or another type of real estate, jewelry, or stocks. A bondsman may require collateral to issue a bail bond, and in some cases, may consider a wider array of items. Each bondsman may have a different opinion as to what they may accept.

Surety Bond

This type of bail is required for larger offenses with larger amounts of bail, and usually entails the use of a bondsman. The bondsman will charge around 10% of the bond amount to the client, and in turn, will assure the court that the bail will be paid in full.

Immigration Bond

It is very important when seeking an immigration bond that you get help from someone who is experienced in this field. An immigration bond is a federal civil bond, meaning that it is regulated by the Federal government and that no crime has been committed. Similar to a surety bond, an immigration bond is offered to someone who is being held for living within the US, unlawfully. There are different types of immigration bonds, the most common of which is the delivery bond, which ensures that if the individual is ordered to be exported, that they comply with that order.

When enlisting the aid of a bail bondsman, it is important that from the onset, he, or she, understands exactly what the charges are, and the situation of the individual under arrest is. If you are seeking legal advice or the help of a reliable bondsman, the Bail Agent Network’s website only shares information on fully reputable bondsman.

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