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What is Required From You For Each Type of Bond?

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There are a variety of types of bonds, so it is wise to know what is required of you if you are issued any of these bonds due to an arrest and charge. In every case, the major requirement is that you comply with both court dates/hearings and that you do any special requirements given by the judge or bail bondsman, who may want you to call them or have in-person check-in meetings.

  • Cash Bond: The requirement of this bond is to hand over a particular sum of money as a proof that you’ll come to court if released from jail. You receive this money back (less any owed fees or charges from the court) upon satisfactory resolution of the case.
  • Surety Bond: If you cannot pay bail yourself, a bail bondsman can assist you by paying the bail while you pay him or her a non-refundable 10%-15% fee. All that is required of you is to arrange the terms of that payment, since you may require a payment plan.
  • Property Bond: A property bond requires that you have a variety of pieces of documentation that prove the property belongs to you and has sufficient equity to cover 150%-200% of the bond. These documents will be presented in court before you will be released on a property bond.
  • Immigration Bond: These bonds have extra requirements since they are used when your legal status within the United States is in question. A bail bondsman specializing in immigration bonds will have the best answers for you, but generally, your requirements will be to appear at your hearings and, if deported, report to ICE for transportation out of the country.
  • Federal Bail Bond: Rather than working through the state government, these are bonds for those who are accused of federal crimes. You’ll use cash or collateral directly through the court’s system to bail out of jail, rather than a surety bond.
  • Citation Releases/Personal Recognizance: In both of these cases, at the judge or arresting officers’ discretion, you can be released without payment just by signing a statement that you will appear in court as required.

Need any of the above types of bonds? Need help understanding the terms of your release? Contact the agents listed on the Bail Agent Network near you for local assistance.

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