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What is Bail Reinstatement?

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What Circumstances Revoke Your Bail?

When you or your loved one bailed out of jail, there were conditions for the release. The circumstances that revoke your bail are the same conditions from this agreement: you were expected to appear in court, for example, and you failed to show up. Other possibilities would be that you needed clean drug screens and weren’t able to pass a drug screening, or you were arrested for a different crime during your time on bail. Any other conditions of your release can also put your bail bond in jeopardy and have you re-arrested.

What is Bail Reinstatement?

If you’ve had your bail revoked, your cash, property, or bond is revoked as well and the government retains those valuable assets. Luckily, in cases where the violation of bail was understandable, there are ways to get bail reinstated. You can get a bail reinstatement in some cases of having missed a court date for a viable reason, for instance, or when you forgot or didn’t understand a condition of your release. If the court has arrested you again and bail is reinstated, there will be a refund of the bond money or property, and you’ll be allowed to leave jail again.

How to Get A Bond Reinstatement?

The way that you get your bail bond reinstated may vary a bit, but the biggest step is to cooperate with the court in every way possible and establish documentation for why you were in violation of your conditions of release. A great bondsman can help you establish this case, though a judge will have to find your reason sound in order for your bail to be reinstated. The severity of your original crime, the severity of your violation of release conditions, and the length of time that has passed can all contribute to whether or not you receive a bond reinstatement.

A bail reinstatement is possible, especially if you choose a licensed, professional bondsman who knows your state’s rules and regulations regarding bail well. Search the Bail Agent Network to find a bondsman you can trust today.

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