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What is a Property Bond?

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There are actually a variety of bonds that can be issued when you or your loved one wishes to leave pre-trial detention in jail. One example is a property bond: this is different from a standard cash bail bond, which requires no collateral, just the amount of money that is stated by the judge. A property bond involves placing one’s real estate or other property under a lien, which means that the courts can take the property if the terms of the bond aren’t met.

This is only possible with a property where there is sufficient equity, meaning that the owners of the property have paid back enough of the loan to own a substantial portion of the property outright. The equity allows the courts to know that they could sell the property, pay off the rest of the loan, and still receive the money needed for the property bond. However, that is not their goal. They wish to hold the lien on the property until the court dates happen and the case is resolved, at which point the lien is removed.

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Property bonds aren’t a quick form of bond; immigration and surety bonds, for example, tend to take less time because they don’t require you to produce documentation for the court to prove your ownership of the property and your equity in it. The court must review the documentation and decide in favor of your ability to secure a property bond. Be aware that the equity cannot simply equal the bond amount; most judges want 150% to 200% of the bond amount in equity to feel it is truly securing the bond.

This is precisely why you need a bail bondsman to help get you the right property bond for your charges. Our site simplifies finding the right bail bonds agent for your needs in your area. Let the experts help with the proper steps in obtaining a property bond that you can rely on. That’s what they are in business for!

Do you need help getting a property bond? Want help getting your paperwork in order? Reach out through the Bail Agent Network to learn more about property bonds in your area.

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