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What If You Can’t Afford Bail?

Handcuffs and money. Dollars for bail bonds.

If you know of someone who has been arrested, but they have no money for bail, there are options available to help them. Many people are stretched thin these days. Emergency funds have already been put to use elsewhere, and this person needs help to get out and carry out his, or her, daily life. That’s when they need to call a reputable bondsman.

How Bail Bonds Work

Despite having been arrested of a crime, in America one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, unless that person is considered violent and dangerous, he, or she, should not have to spend their time prior to a court hearing, locked up in jail.

But, there is always a possibility that someone who is afraid, or guilty of the crime, may try to run and hide. As such, the court wants to assure the person stays in the area until the trial takes place. So, the court implements a bail amount. The financial part of bail is paid either by the accused, someone they know, through collateral on something they own such as a car, or home, or by a bail bondsman.

Bail without Financial Bond

A judge will determine the amount of bail by various factors including the depth of the accused crime, and the risk of the accused to run. Once, set, if that person does not have the amount available in cash, there are a few different options.

If the judge determines the accused to not be a flight risk, he, or she, may be released on his, or her, own recognizance, or the judge may ask the defendant to sign a signature bond agreeing to appear for their trial. All conditions of bail must be adhered to.

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Meeting Payment of a Bond

If there is any inkling that the accused may not show up for their trial, or may try to leave the area before trial, then the judge will determine a cash bond amount. Despite not having ready cash available to pay the bond, there are other solutions available through professional bondsmen.

If the accused has a poor credit rating or a poor job history, a bondsman may co-sign for the bail bond with you. Generally, about one-third of the agency fees are required, upfront, with regular payments to follow. The bondsman will explain everything with you before asking you to sign a contract to that effect.

The bondsmen shared through Bail Agent Network all are reliable sources with proper credentials. Our website is here to help you find the help you need, when you need it, 24 hours/7 days a week, as are the bondsmen listed here.

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