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What Happens If You Miss Court While On Bail?

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For anyone who has been arrested for a crime and is out through bail bonds, keeping the date of their court hearing could be one of the most important days of their life. While, it isn’t something pleasant, nor something someone would be looking forward to, the consequences of missing a day in court can be severe.

Consequences of Missing a Court Date

Failing to appear in court is a crime of its own.

In most cases missing a court date is thought of as jumping bail. Even though someone may believe there are innocent of the charges against them, attending the hearing is a must. Not showing up will not make the charges go away. They still will need to be addressed and could be compounded by additional charges. The severity of missing court can vary from one jurisdiction to another or one state to another. But, nowhere is it a good idea to do so.

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Valid or Invalid Excuses

It is always better to be proactive and explain a situation ahead of time than to simply miss a court date and have further problems develop. Of course, there should be proof that the defendant was notified of the court date. And, while it is up to the prosecution to prove that defendant was remiss in missing a court hearing, it is also up to that person to provide proof of a circumstance beyond his, or her, control in doing so.

“I had to work that day,” won’t cut it. “I was sick,” won’t either. Every judge has heard every excuse that could possibly be thought up. However, for example, if the defendant is truly ill and in the hospital, then he, or she, should ask someone to call in, ahead of time, for them. The individual’s attorney would be a reputable person to handle it. Failing that a family member could call in, but be aware that proof of the incident still must be provided.

The judge will not simply accept the defendant’s word or that of a family member or friend.

For someone who is having any trouble with the law, you should always consult a lawyer. If there are further problems caused by missing a court date or jumping bail, it is even more of a reason to consult an attorney. A lawyer working in the area of the court’s jurisdiction will be familiar with the local court practices, and can best advice the defendant moving forward.

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