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What Does Bond Surrendering Mean?

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Bail and bail bonds can be a confusing topic, and the Bail Agent Network wants to make sure you understand what each potential step means, whether you are a defendant or a co-signer on a bond. When you choose to post bail or sign a bond with a loved one, you’re taking responsibility for them, including the responsibility to make sure they show up for their court appearances.

Bond surrendering is a potential situation you could find yourself in, if you believe that your loved one isn’t going to show up for their court appearance.

Bond Surrendering

If you no longer feel comfortable being a co-signer for a bond, you can surrender the bond. This is a process by which you can stop being a co-signer on a bond. Usually, you’ll either need to return to the court with the defendant, or you’ll need to be able to provide their location, because the bail bondsman will need to work with them. Many bondsmen will want to find a new co-signer, but if there isn’t one available, the defendant may have to return to jail.

Bond surrendering generally occurs when you feel that your loved one is a flight risk, or unlikely to appear in court. You’d be responsible for the full amount of bail to your bondsman in this case, and surrendering the bond is a way to protect yourself.

Differences Between Forfeiture and Revocation

Surrendering the bond is different from bail revocation and bail forfeiture, though they all can happen in the case of a Failure to Appear (FTA) on an important court date. Bail revocation is when, due to missing a court date or some other violation of the conditions of your release, you are no longer allowed to be out and must be kept in jail until your next court date. Bail forfeiture may happen immediately after that, which is where the money that had insured your court appearances is turned over to the court.

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