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What Does a Bounty Hunter Do?

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What is a Bounty Hunter?

A bounty hunter is a professional with the research, investigation, and apprehension skills needed to find people who have jumped bail. Jumping bail refers to an individual failing to appear for a court date, or surrendering within the same time frame, after securing a bail bond that promises their appearance. The bail bond agent stands to lose their investment in the bond if they cannot deliver the defendant to the court, so depending on the size of this expense, they may choose to hire a bounty hunter to find and bring back the defendant who and not shown up.

Bounty hunters have the ability to find the defendant through research and investigation, as well as the ability to capture them and bring them back to court. While this used to be a very under-regulated profession, it now has clear guidelines in many states, and is not permitted in a few.

Bounty Hunter Regulation

There are certain rules and regulations that coincide with this profession. Bounty hunters must be adults, be registered as bounty hunters, have no prior convictions, and may have additional requirements for their individual states. In many cases, private investigators or retired law enforcement officials choose this line of work, given their past experience in similar lines of work.

Bounty hunters may still occasionally be brought up on charges of using excessive force. There is occasionally some gray area in their methods, but for the vast majority of these cases, they simply utilize a technique that helps them find and return bail jumpers, ensuring that justice can be served through the court system.

Need More Information on the World of Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds, as well as the consequences for things like bail jumping, may not be immediately clear to all the loved ones of a defendant. We’re here to help you understand.

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