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Things to know about bail for drug charges/burglary/vandalism

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Bail amounts will vary by the crime, the degree of the crime, and the past history of any defendant. A bail bondsman will help post bail in almost any case, but as the bail amounts may vary by crime, so will the posting of a bail bond. In the case of bail bonds for drug charges, burglary, and vandalism, a bail bondsman will be able to help.

Getting a Bail Bond for Drug Charges

There is a wide variation of drug charges from misdemeanor possession to felony distribution. Many drug infractions are found through a simple traffic stop. It is normal for police to analyze the condition of a driver and any passengers when pulled over. Officers have the right to search a vehicle should they suspect the driver of being under the influence. Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia may be found within plain site – on the floor, on a seat, or in the trunk.

This can lead to the arrest of the driver and passengers for a range of violations including possession, being under the influence, to intent to distribute and/or sell. For many drug offense charges allow defendants to be released on bail.

Following an arrest, the defendant will need to appear before a bail judge. A minor possession charge may result in the defendant’s release on his own recognizance. But, more often than not bail will be implemented, and hiring a bond agent may be necessary.

Are Bail Bonds Available for Charges of Burglary?

Burglary charges can be applied in different degrees. The second-degree charge is a lesser charge for breaking into someone’s home when no one is there. First-degree charges are more severe and charged when the offense takes place with people in the home.

Along the same lines, breaking and entering is a charge for breaking into a building or business that isn’t a house. Bail amounts will vary on the severity of the crime. Throughout the country, except for the few states that do not allow bail bonding, a defendant may hire a bondsman to help get them out of jail for burglary charges, for the period of time leading up to their trial.

Bail Bonds Can be used for Vandalism Charges

Any act of intentionally damaging or defacing another person’s property can be considered vandalism. Acts of vandalism include anything from messing up a house or yard with toilet paper to tagging graffiti, breaking windows, and keying cars. There are misdemeanor and felony charges in vandalism, determined by the type and amount of damage.

When a defendant is arrested for vandalism, he, or she, will appear before a bail judge. A bail amount will be set along with the conditions of bail. Again, a bail bondsman can help with posting bail and getting the individual released until trial.

If you or a loved one, are in need of a bail bondsman, contact one of the agents listed through the Bail Agent Network. Most agents charge somewhere around 10% service fee for providing bail, getting the defendant released from jail quickly, and providing information and clarification about the bail process.

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