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Steps To Turning Yourself In

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Once a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest, you have two options.

  1. You can wait for police to arrest you.
  2. You can take charge of the situation by turning yourself in.

Turning yourself in on your own terms has a lot of benefits and can be easier than waiting for the police. If you are interested in turning yourself in but aren’t sure how to go about it, Bail Agent Network has created a step by step list to help, below.

Start By Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you ultimately decide to turn yourself in or not, it is important that you start looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer. Already having someone you know in your corner who you can call from jail will help give you piece of mind. Also, Criminal Defense Lawyers can really help with lowering or removing the need for a bail bond.

Plan Ahead With Your Timing

When you choose to turn yourself in, there’s no guarantee that you will see a judge right away, and if you choose a poor time, it can make your jail stay longer. Mondays are generally very busy, and Fridays, for better or worse, may result in your meeting with the judge to be on the following Monday. Generally, police stations are less busy in the mornings, and the slowest days are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. By choosing a time that the police station should be slow, it can hopefully speed up the jail process. These strategic choices aren’t always possible, but if they are, choosing a good time to turn yourself in will help you not spend as much time in jail.

Bring Only the Basics

When turning yourself in, dress as comfortably as you can. Simple clothes like t-shirt, jeans, and slip-on shoes will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the process. Once you have picked out an outfit, you need focus on bringing the necessities. Such as: forms of payment, all needed medication, and a list of phone numbers you may need. No cell phones, contraband items, or additional items will be allowed in, so just don’t bring them at all.

Remember Your Right To Remain Silent

Unless you have direct advice from your lawyer, invoke your right to remain silent. Don’t try to set the record straight because you could accidently put yourself in a bad position. When you arrive, just respectfully let the law enforcement officers know that you have chosen to stay silent. When your lawyer arrives, they will help you give the correct information. Until you really know what your bench warrant is for and the whole situation surrounding it, staying silent is a good default.

Want more information on how to start the process to turn yourself in and get released on bond? Learn more at the Bail Agent Network.

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