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Is It Illegal for the Defendant to Leave the State or Country While Out on Bail?

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For someone who has been arrested and released on bail, there may be a limitation placed for potential travel of the accused. During a bail hearing, any pre-planned travel should be discussed with the judge. However, the length of time between posting bail and the actual trial date can be lengthy in almost any jurisdiction. And, the need for not-foreseen travel for work, or family could arise.

Travel as a Bail Condition

Depending upon the severity of the crime, a defendant may have travel limitations included in his, or her, bail conditions. Another factor will include the individual’s ability to flee and never return. It is up to the judge to make the judgment call.

As an initial bail condition, a judge may require the defendant not leave the country, and the court may even hold onto a passport. Furthermore, a judge may require the defendant not leave the state, or even the county, or city. The tightest confinement outside of jail would come with house arrest, where the defendant would be required to stay within their own home, perhaps with permission to go to their local job.

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Getting Permission to Travel while on Bail

If travel restriction is a bail condition, there is still a possibility the defendant may leave the state or country while on bail under certain circumstances. The defendant should discuss the necessity for travel with his, or her attorney. The attorney can then layout the specifics to the judge as to why the defendant has a need for travel.

The judge may allow the travel but may also set parameters on it. These may include the length of time the defendant may be out of state, or out of the country, and limit the location of travel to one specific location.

Following bail conditions is mandatory for things to go smoothly with the court prior to a trial date. If found guilty, following those conditions could affect sentencing in a positive way for the defendant. If you need bail bonds and are looking for a reputable bondsman, you can feel comfortable contacting any agent listed on the Bail Agent Network. All agents listed are fully cited and reputable bondsmen.

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