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How Long Does it Take to Post Your Bond?

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There are a few factors that affect the process of bailing yourself out or someone else out of jail. When you first make the decision to pay someone’s bail, you must make a choice. If you choose to post someone’s entire bail, remember that the outcome of the court case does have an effect on whether you get your money back.

Basically, if you or your loved one receives a “not guilty” verdict, you get your money back from the bail. If they are convicted, that money is retained and used to handle the case. This is simply important to know as you move forward.

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Part of why bailing someone out of jail is costly is that, even if you eventually get your money back, it often takes many months. The entire trial must happen or the case must be dismissed before they can begin the process of returning any money to you. For this reason, many people prefer to contract with a bail bondsman, pay a one-time fee, and not have to pay the entire amount of bail.

Remember that you and your loved ones aren’t limited: since any person can post his or her own bond, as well as receive assistance from anyone 18 or older, you can reach out to a bail bond company to arrange a bond. They will tell you the terms of the bond and you can make the decision to receive pretrial release from jail.

When you don’t know who to call to post your bond, or your friends and family cannot help in this case, such that you can leave jail and return to your home, you can call the Bail Agent Network. We have bail bond companies in our directory all over the country. Post your bond faster here!

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