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How does fugitive recovery work?

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Every time a bail bondsman takes on a client, he is taking a risk. He has assisted a defendant by bonding him out of jail. But if that individual decides to skip trial or flees the area, the bondsman is responsible for the full bail amount.

Yes, the defendant and any bond cosigner are legally required to reimburse the bondsman. But, the bondsman has to find him first.

The Role of a Fugitive Recovery Agent

A fugitive recovery agent is someone who locates and brings back a defendant who has avoided trial. They are professionals having completed training, and some may have a law enforcement background.

Another name for a recovery agent is a bounty hunter. Glorified through television and movies, we may envision a bounty hunter to be a bodybuilder driving an expensive vehicle. But, in fact, much of a fugitive recovery agent’s job is research and they may not have such glamorous wheels.

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The agent will study the individual’s background and criminal records. He may conduct interviews with friends and family members to try to learn the subject’s habits. The job may also entail surveillance of an area where the defendant, now a fugitive, may be found.

When the subject is found, the agent may try to convince him to come along peacefully or he may try the element of surprise. However, know that recovery agents are trained in self-defense and have experience in capturing a subject while avoiding injury to either party.

Fugitive Recovery Agent Fees

Agent fees can vary between states as well as the experience of the individual agent. For a full recovery, an agent may charge between 10-20% of the total bail amount and may also request reimbursement for travel expenses. Some agents will perform a skip trace, which is locating the individual without apprehending him, at a lesser fee.

Many agents will not charge if they are unable to locate and detain the fugitive. But, fugitive recovery agents are successful. In fact, across the country, their success rate averages upwards of 90%.

A Few Other Fugitive Recovery Agent Facts

Regulations for recovery agents can differ between states. Some states require agents to be licensed, others do not. There are some states where recovery agents are not allowed to make an arrest. If you are in need of an agent, first know the laws of your state, so you can follow all pertinent regulations.

If you are in need of a fugitive recovery agent, you can feel comfortable contacting the Bail Agents Network for more information and to find a reputable fugitive recovery agent in your area.

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