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How Do I Bail Someone Out of Jail?

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When a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, a lot of things may run through your mind. One of the first thoughts is likely about getting your friend or family member home so they can await trial in the presence of their community. In order to get your loved one home, you’ll want to bail them out of jail, but what do you need in order to do this?

Bonds for Bailing Someone Out of Jail

There are a variety of ways to get someone out of jail. A cash bond simply involves paying the amount of money required by the judge to get your loved one out of jail. If the amount is set too high, you can work with a reputable bail bondsman to pay a fee and have him or her post the bond in what is known as a bail bond. A surety bond involves a bondsman as well, creating a contract where you are loaned money by a surety company that they expect to receive back, and you’ll pay a non-refundable fee. Finally, a property bond, which can take longer, involves staking a certain property as the assurance that the person will appear in court.

In all of these cases, your valuable money or property could be at risk if your friend or family member doesn’t attend all their court dates, so when you choose to bail them out, you want to be very motivated to keep an eye on them and make sure they get to court as needed.

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How Bondsmen Help

The state licenses bail bondsmen, so you want to find someone reliable and knowledgeable to help you through the process of bailing someone out of jail. These individuals know the ins and outs of the system, and they should be upfront about their fees and any consequences that come from missing court dates. While the exact particulars of bailing someone out of jail may vary between states, the Bail Agent Network is a great place to start your process by finding a reputable local bondsman who can help you evaluate your options.

Don’t let your loved one sit in a holding too long. Use our services to find the right bonding agent for your situation and get that person out ASAP. Get started today and get your loved one home sooner!

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