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Can You Get a Bail Bond For Someone in Another State?


The people we care about aren’t always right close at hand. If a loved one is arrested in another state, it can be confusing to know what to do to help them out. There is an option to drive to where your loved one is being detained and post bond or acquire a bail bond there, but this process takes valuable time and costs substantial money. Getting a bail bond without traveling may be easier, but the process is not as smooth as getting a bail bond locally. Here are some things to consider as you work to bail someone out in another state:

Transfer Bonds Might Be Your Answer

  • There are many bail bondsman who prefer to work locally. They see non-local detainees as a potential flight risk and may require extra assurance that they will appear in court.
  • A transfer bond may be your best option. Although they are more complicated and sometimes more expensive, they connect you to an out-of-state bail agent for a flat fee.
  • When you choose to get a transfer bond, you are assuming the responsibility: you want to make sure that the detained individual will appear in court, since, by contracting with a bail bondsman, you are committing to that bond.

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Bailing Someone Out From Another State

The biggest thing to research when bailing someone out from another state is the fact that bail bondsmen are licensed on a state-by-state basis. The fees, laws, and standards aren’t the same across all states, so you’ll need to know the differences in the state in which you’re rendering services.

You will also want to ensure you have all the important documentation before you begin the process: date of birth for the person detained, booking number, arrested charge, bail amount, what the charge was, and which jail they are currently in. Missing any of this information when you first inquiry a bondsman can hold you up, so always be prepared.

You’ll want a qualified, licensed, reliable bondsman to help you through the tricky process of inter-state bonds. Use the Bail Agent Network to find a bondsman to help you with a transfer bond process.

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