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Bail Bonds Porterville

Bail Bonds in Porterville: Questions and Answers for Area Residents

Most people have never worried about bail bonds or making a court date due to an arrest. If it’s the first time you or a family member are dealing with these issues and you need help from bail agents, this article will give you some guidance about the bail process in California and help you learn how to choose a good, reputable bail bonds company.

Why Would You Need Bail Bonds in Porterville?

The only reason you would need to work with a Porterville bail company is to get out of jail. After being arrested, there is an arraignment hearing. During the arraignment, the judge sets a bail amount based on factors like the arrestee’s criminal history and the severity of the charges against them. Paying bail in full will let the individual go free until their court date. Even minor charges can incur bail amounts of $20,000 or $30,000, which may not be feasible for most people.

If that’s true for you, you’ll need to work with a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen provide a critical service – in exchange for a nonrefundable fee that is equal to 10% of the total bail amount, they will help get your loved one out of jail.

Bail Bonds in Porterville: Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

In most cases, obtaining bonds in Porterville from a bail bonds company is a pretty simple process. You need to first choose a bail bond service. Then you’ll provide them with important information, including your family member’s name and the charges they face, as well as other details of their case. Finally, you’ll pay the company a nonrefundable bail bond fee that is 10% of the total bail amount. At that point, the bail agents will post a bond on your behalf, allowing your loved one to go free until their court date.

Choosing the Right Partner for Bail Bonds in Porterville

Many different companies offer bail bonds in Porterville, but they are not all the same. Make sure the company you choose has a local bail bond office in Tulare County. They should also be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A dedication to customer service and willingness to answer questions is also important.

Finally, some bail bond agents will offer payment plans so you can break the 10% fee into smaller, easier-to-pay installments. That takes a lot of the burden out of arranging for bail bonds in Porterville. It’s also worth mentioning that your family member cannot leave town before their court date. If they do, they could be facing a warrant, as well as being tracked down by bail agents.

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