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Bail Bonds Oakland

Bail Bonds Oakland: How to Get Out of County Jail 

Being arrested is less stressful for those who know how to get out of jail as soon as possible. They know that once their bail amount is set they can contact a bail bondsman to help them get out on bond. When it comes to bail bonds, Oakland has a lot of bail bond services to choose from. It’s important to take the time to find reputable, experienced bail bond agencies that know the law and can help you when you need it most. 

Step One: Get a Bail Hearing 

Before you can be bailed out of jail in Oakland, you will have to attend a bail hearing that determines your total bail amount. Depending on the charges that got you placed in an Oakland jail, you may have a higher or lower bail amount. Your total bail amount can also be impacted by your history and previous record. Those who have committed minor crimes or are arrested on first offenses usually see lower bail, but that’s not guaranteed. 

You and your team, the state’s attorney, and the judge can all present arguments to change the bail amount at this hearing, or it can be accepted as determined by the bail schedule. Once you know the bail amount, you can either pay the total bail amount yourself or contact a bail bond agent in Oakland, California. 

Step Two: Pay the Total Bail Amount or Go Through the Bail Bond Process to Get Released

If you cannot pay the total bail amount yourself, you’ll probably want to call a bail bond agent. When you call a reputable bail bonds company in Alameda County, you will have someone that can walk you through the process and help you understand what to expect. For starters, they will talk about the bond amount, as well as the 10% fee that you’ll have to pay for their services. Some bail bond agents will offer payment plan assistance and other customer service or support options.

Ask any questions you have about the bail bond process or the legal process that you’re about to go through. A reputable Oakland CA bail agent will be happy to explain everything and give you more peace of mind. 

Step Three: Go to Court

The worst thing that you can do after getting a bail bond in Oakland is to miss your court date. This will not only void the bail, but it will cause the courts and the police department, as well as the bond agent, to come looking for you. The bail bond company’s promise that you’ll appear can cost them a lot of money if you don’t show. Plus, you will face further charges and more legal troubles. Make sure to attend all court dates and make sure you have a lawyer to help you get the best outcome. 

Once you’ve attended your hearing and the legal process is complete, the bond is considered exonerated and the process is complete. Bail bondsmen will consider your contract satisfied and you will go your separate ways. If there are further court dates, your bond contract will continue through all of the appearances. You can discuss the details of this with your bond agent. 

The Bottom Line

If you are arrested in Oakland, you don’t have to sit in jail. Once you are given a bail amount, you can contact a professional about bail bonds in Oakland so that you aren’t forced to spend months sitting in jail waiting for your court date. The legal system is unpredictable; don’t count on a quick release unless you can post your total bail amount or if you contact a reputable, Oakland based bail bond company.

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