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A Beginner’s Guide to Bail Bonds in Modesto: Understanding Bail Bonds Services

Is a family member stuck in county jail? Getting out of jail after an arrest can be a frustrating, confusing process. Thankfully, there are options other than letting them sit there until their court date, which could be weeks or even months away. Modesto bail bonds services can help you get your loved one out before their court date. Not sure how bail bonds in Modesto work? Everything you need to know is broken down here.

What Are Bail Bonds in Modesto?

Let’s start at the beginning. During your family member’s arraignment, the judge will set bail. Bail amounts are determined by factors like the severity of the charges and your loved one’s criminal history. The bail amount could be a few thousand dollars, all the way up to the millions of dollars for the most serious crimes. In very serious situations, or if your loved one is thought to be a flight risk, the judge might deny bail outright.

To get your loved one out of jail, you’ll need to pay bail. When the defendant appears for their court date, you’ll receive that money back. Of course, considering that even minor charges can carry bail amounts of $20,000, most people aren’t able to pay the full bail amount. Does that mean you have to leave your family member sitting in jail?

Nope, you don’t have to leave them in jail, because Modesto bail bondsmen can help you get your loved one out of Stanislaus County jail fast. You’ll need to pay the bond premium amount (usually 10% of the bail amount) and then provide the bondsmen with some basic information to get started.

The bail bond company, in turn, promises the court that the arrested person will attend their future court dates.

How Much Are Bail Bonds in Modesto?

California bail bondsmen will charge 10% of the total bail amount to get your loved one out of jail. That means if the bail was set at $20,000, you would need to pay the bail bondsman $2,000 to secure a release from jail for your loved one. The bond premium amount increases with the amount of bail, but it will always be 10% of the total bail amount. 

Unlike the bail amount set by the court, this bond premium is non-refundable. You’re paying the bail bond company for the convenience of an early release.

 What is the Process for Getting Bail Bonds in Modesto?

 In general, the bail bonds process will look similar to the following:

  • Your loved one is arrested and booked into jail.
  • They have an arraignment hearing, and bail is set.
  • You contact a bail bondsman and begin the process.
  • You’ll provide the bail bond agent with important information about your loved one, including:
    -The charges they’re facing
    -The total bail amount
    -Their location (the specific jail within Stanislaus County)
    -Any other information requested
  • The bail bonds company will let you know the bond premium amount.
  • You pay the bond premium.
  • The bail bond company gets your loved one out of jail fast.

How Does Posting Bail Work?

In most cases, you will meet the bail bondsman at the jail. The bondsman will then post the bail bond for your loved one, who will be released. The released person can then go  home, and they can get on with their life until their court date arrives.

How Do I Choose the Right Company for Bail Bonds in Modesto?

Modesto bail bondsmen all offer similar services, but they are not identical. Choosing the right bail bonds company is important, and most people have very little experience here. Thankfully, it’s not that different from choosing other companies. It’s really all based on reputation, experience, and customer service. The best advice is to begin researching companies that offer bail bonds in Modesto and compare their reputation online. Answer the following questions, and you’ll be well on your way to making an informed decision.

  1. Does the company offer 24-hour service? If not, your loved one could be waiting much longer than necessary to be released. Look for a company that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  1. Does the company require premium payment in full upfront? Even a few thousand dollars can be too much for many families. Make sure that the company you choose offers payment plans that allow you to break that amount up and pay it in installments over time.
  1. How good is the company’s reputation for customer service? Are they prompt, courteous, and caring? Or are they brusque and more concerned with getting to the next customer than with answering questions and providing guidance for current customers? You want a bail bonds company that takes time to educate you about the legal process and your rights.

With the right Modesto bail bonds company, you can get your loved one out of jail fast, get answers to your questions, and benefit from flexible payment plans.

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